Fast Food Facts - Trivia, Criticism, Statistics and Interesting Information

Fast food has a long enough history to have some fascinating facts about it, like records and interesting food items, but fast food has its dark side. Ingredients for fast food are of lesser quality (and some are downright harmful), animals from which food is made are mistreated, and people that make the food and sell it are not paid enough. Here you can find many interesting fast food facts.

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Interesting Facts about Fast Food

As all things, fast food hast its share of facts, records and historic tidbits which can tell you something about it and expand your knowledge. Here you can read some of the most interesting facts about fast food - enjoy.

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Fast Food and Health

Some see fast food as a good clean fun, same as a health risk, some as a way to survive while some other as a profitable venture. We’ll deal here with ways fast food affects our health and societies.

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Mobile Catering and Food Truck History

Food trucks bring affordable food to people for more than 100 years. They appeared in 19th century United States and from there spread around the world. They are pretty profitable today and their number continues to grow.

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Popular Fast Food Brands and Restaurants

Most of the fast food restaurant chains were founded in United States. Most of them started as one small restaurant and then began growing to reach 4 and 5-digit numbers of outlets. Find out more about popular fast food brands and restaurants.

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