Fun and Interesting Facts about Fast Food

Fast food is a part of our civilization since the ancient times but it became more and more so since the early 20th century. Here are some facts about fast food and its history:

  • Largest hamburger in the world weighted 913.54 kg and was made by Black Bear Casino Resort from Carlton, Minnesota in 2012.
  • The first fish and chips shop in the world opened in 1860 at Tommyfield Market in Oldham, England.
  • The most expensive hot dog in the world was “Juuni Ban” made by “Tokyo Dog” in Seattle, Washington in 2014. Its price was $169.
  • The original Dunkin’ Donuts had a handle (a small piece of dough on one side) which made dunking easier.
  • When Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy’s - an international fast food chain restaurant, was 61 he went back to school to earn his degree because he didn’t want to be role model for dropouts.
  • The first fast food was fried fish in ancient Greece.
  • Belgians invented French fries as a replacement for small fried fish in winter months when ice didn’t allow for fishing. British and American soldiers during the First World War gave the name to this cuisine - French fries.
  • The longest hot dog in the world had length of 203.80 m and was made in Paraguay in 2011.
  • Popularity of automobiles gave popularity to fast food in20th century. First fast food places were drive-ins or restaurants with carhops.
  • McDonald's has its restaurants in 126 countries and in them over 35,000 restaurants. But it is not the biggest chain. Subway, a sandwich shop franchise, has over 42,000 restaurants around the world.
Picture Of Burger With Fries
  • Eating large quantities of fast food or eating it often is linked to obesity and other health problems.
  • Largest bag of chips was made in 2013 in United Kingdom. It was made by Corkers Crisps company and it weighted 1,141 kg.
  • When the World Trade Center was built, Subway created a mobile restaurant which was lifter floor by floor as the each floor was finished.
  • UK has more than 10,000 pizzerias.
  • The largest ice cream cone had a height of 2.81m and was made by Mirco Della Vecchia and Andrea Andrighetti from Italy in 2011.
  • Pizza Hut was the first firm to deliver pizza to outer space. They delivered the pizza to International Space Station in 2001. This pizza was delivered by Russian rocket and Russian space agency was paid by Pizza Hut about $1,000,000 to deliver it.
  • Big Mac is called "Maharaja Mac" in India and is made of mutton instead of beef because cows are sacred animals in India.
  • Some studies found that people who eat fast food more than twice a week gain 4-5 kg more in weight compared to people who ate it once a week or less (but still eat it).
  • White Castle meat patties are square shape and have five holes in them so they can be cooked without turning over.
  • McDonald's mascot, Ronald McDonald, is recognized by 96% of American schoolchildren, making him almost as recognizable as Santa Claus in the United States
Picture Of Burger With Fries
Picture Of Burger With Fries
Picture Of Burger
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