Fast Food History - Ready-Cooked and Take-Out Food

Fast food history is longer than the history of fast food restaurants. Some fast food standards began as traditional cuisine or food of poor people, only to become the food of the masses that people enjoy. Here you can read more about the history of fast food and fast food restaurants.

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Timeline of Fast Food

We eat some forms of fast food since the ancient times. But the real boom happened with the industrial revolution, popularity of cars and idea that food can be prepared in five minutes or less.

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History of Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants, as we know them today, appeared in 20th century and most of them first in the United States. They improved the speed with which the food was prepared and standardized it so that every outlet would sell the food of the same quality.

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Junk Food History and Facts

Most of us like junk food - snacks, candy, fast food. But that doesn’t mean that it is healthy for us. Junk food is connected as a cause with many diseases and can affect our brains like a drug. Read more facts about junk food history.

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Street Food History and Facts

During the history lower classes had the most trouble trying to prepare food for themselves because they didn’t have conditions for that. Street food appeared for that reason and is still important because of that. Read more street food history and facts.

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History of McDonald's

McDonald’s started as a family hamburger stand only to expand into company that has its presence on 6 continents and caters for fast food needs of millions of people daily. Read more about history of McDonald’s fast food and restaurants.

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